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Organic Living Soil and Growing Information

  • How to start seeds for your organic garden

    How to start seeds for your organic garden:     Supplies: 1. Quality organic potting soil 2. Trays without holes 3. 4 inch starter pots or 6 cell seed pots...

    Jeff Chasser |

  • How to water Organic Living Soil

    When I started farming, organic of course, I always wondered how much water I should give, and how often. Whether I was farming in containers or pots, or in the...

    Jeff Chasser |

  • Why sub irrigation is the way to grow!

    Have you heard of a SIP?  If you have or havent, this article is for you.   SIP = sub irrigation planter "In agriculture, subirrigation, also known as seepage irrigation,...

    Jeff Chasser |

  • How to Start a Worm Bin

    How to build a Worm bin This is an interesting topic because there are many ways to build a worm bin. It all depends on what end result you are...

    Jeff Chasser |

  • Introduction to True Living Organic Gardening

    Introduction to True Living Organic Gardening/Farming Let’s start off with the definition of what “organic farming” is.“Organic crops. The organic seal verifies that irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides,...

    Jeff Chasser |

  • How to make REAL Compost Tea (AACT)

    Recipe 4 Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT)10 gallon bucket$8 fish tank heater (keeps water at or right around 70*) 5 gallons of water (not tap water) use rain or river,...

    Jeff Chasser |

  • Home Made Plant Fertilizer Recipe

    Recipe for Soil Makers GREEN UP soil drench and foliar spray1 cup alfalfa meal1/4 cup kelp meal (not kelp extract)10 gallons clean water 1 Tsp of Quantum VSC(Optional adds...little pieces of...

    Jeff Chasser |

  • Home Made Pest spray made from your herb garden!

    Herbal Pest Spray 2 cups packed with fresh herbsThyme (important)RosemaryOreganoLemon balmmint (important)coriander seeds or cilantro (important)sweet basil/holy basilLavenderAloe A few tomato leaves (if you have an infestation) 1 Tsp Quantum VSC...

    Jeff Chasser |