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Home Made Pest spray made from your herb garden!

Jeff Chasser |

Herbal Pest Spray 

2 cups packed with fresh herbs

Thyme (important)
Lemon balm
mint (important)
coriander seeds or cilantro (important)
sweet basil/holy basil
A few tomato leaves (if you have an infestation)

1 Tsp Quantum VSC

***If you do add to tomato leaves just be careful because tomatoes are in the nightshade family and leaves can be poisonous if eaten.***

Pack these herbs into a blender and add some clean water just to make it easier to blend. Try not to use tap water if possible. Then blend until its all mashed up. At this point I usually throw that in a 5 gallon bucket filled with 4 gallons of clean water. Then I add an air pump and bubble it overnight just to get it mixed together well and to really extract the smell of the herbs. You do not need to add an air pump, if you dont have one, then just mix it well into the water and let it sit overnight.

After that I strain out all the leaf pieces with a paint strainer bag and you are left with a little under 5 gallons of ready to spray solution. Always test on a small area before spaying on all your plants but I have never had a problem with this recipe.

Additional items to add:
1 tsp yucca powder (surfactant)
1 tsp vegetable oil (surfactant)

Tip: adding aloe will help the plant boost its inmune response so if you have bugs eating your plants its always a good idea to add aloe to a drench just to help plant start to recover. also, you can use just the important ones i specified or use one important one with other herbs you may have in your garden. I love diversity. Also, look for plants that seem to never have bugs on them, and use some leaves from that. hope this helps.



Do we have to put in the quantum VSC?

Stacy Bravo,

Hey Luna! Quantum VSC is a microbial inoculant made by microbe life. Its the farmers ag version


What can I say? They are just simply the best.

Frank ,

what is Quantum VSC?


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