Our Guarantee

    We are a small business in Connecticut that wants to bring you the highest quality organic living soils, fertilizers and growing equipment available today.

      We source the cleanest ingredients from the good old USA, and manufacture here as well.

This PROBIOTIC ORGANIC way of farming is not only safer for you and your family, but its safe for waterways, lakes, ponds, and most importantly the earth.

If you are new to organic gardening and would like an easy to understand kit with instructions, we have made 3 different kits available. We also have a beginner area here. <--Click Here

We can customize any order for you.
Shipping is included in the prices in the drop down menus unless noted otherwise on that specific item. Mostly bulky items have added shipping costs.
 If you need custom amounts of any soil amendment or soil blend, please email MakeOrganicSoil@gmail.com 

Keep an eye out for our blog articles for garden tips and recipes to make at home to kick start your garden!

We are here to help the organic farming/gardening industry thrive, and hope with this small organic business, we can make a difference.
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