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Organic liquid fertilizers...how do I know its really organic?

Jeff Chasser |


Plant Nutrient teas are liquid solutions that have either soluble or insoluble macro and micronutrients. 

Any bottles with an NPK on the label that you have been buying at the grow store are severely diluted nutrients teas that have added stabilizers to add shelf life.  These stabilizers are usually phosphoric acid or other chemicals that are not organic.   Usually they can get away with using inorganic stabilizers and still call it organic because they say its not plant food. Does that make sense? Some companies just changed their name to "soandso ORGANICS" and then put inorganic nutrients in the bottle. The name is just to throw you off and since its in the name of the actual company, they can put it on a bottle. Its all wordplay. Do not get me wrong, there are a FEW bottled nutrient companies that are coming up that have some great recipes that are completely organic, but usually these can be made at home for A LOT less money.

I have posted a green up tea, which was a tea I have made for years, and then lately with talking with some plant physiologists, I adjusted the amounts of my inputs. That recipe is as follows:

1 cup alfalfa pellets/meal
1/4 cup kelp meal
1/4 cup  rock flour(s) (if you have dust, sift to get the finer particles, you want a stone flour for this)

10 gallons of water

If you have an air pump, you can pump air into the 10 gal mixture over night, then strain and drench or 1/1 spray.

If you do not have an air pump, i would suggest you add an anaerobic bacteria like lactic acid bacteria (lab) or a product called Quantum VSC. Let that sit 12/48 hrs in the bucket, and then drench or 1/1 spray.

That is a basic recipe that works wonders in combination with a quality living soil that has an integrated nutrient program.

With organics you do not want to be adding all of your plants nutrients as you go along, you should cook your living soil with all your amendments before even planting into it. Then, with this recipe, you're just giving your soil a little nutrient boost and in turn that will create a healthier soil life and healthier greener plants.

Usually, in organic growing, if you're having issues, its because there's an imbalance in the soil life.

The nutrients are still there, they just need to be cycled to the plant roots correctly.

Adding large amounts of nutrients to try and fix these issues usually ends up with more trouble.

This is why I recommend that above recipe for almost all situations.

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