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Why sub irrigation is the way to grow!

Jeff Chasser |

Have you heard of a SIP?  If you have or havent, this article is for you.  

SIP = sub irrigation planter

"In agriculture, subirrigation, also known as seepage irrigation, is a method of irrigation where water is delivered to the plant root zone from below the soil surface and absorbed upwards. The excess may be collected for reuse." - wiki

Sub irrigated planters allow the plant to have as much water as they need and keep soil moisture at a level in which the plant will love.  

Since plants naturally absorb water from the roots upwards, this method of irrigation makes a lot of sense. Watering a plant by pouring water onto it from above will work, though this is not a natural way to keep plants well-hydrated. This actually may be the main reason why many plant owners have a hard time keeping plants alive, and or get bugs and or fungal pathogen issues. Sometimes, watering a plant from above can be damaging to the plant and even cause dehydration.

By using our living organic soil you are basically giving the plant all the nutrients and minerals that they need, along with the perfect soil moisture and water availability to let the plant grow to its perfect potential.

We have always reccomended earthboxes and will continue to do so.  Our opinion on this has not changed over the years even after trying to mimic with other pots and saucers and whatnot, nothing came close to the earthbox potential.  They are made from food grade plastic and will last for years without issue.  

Check them out at www.earthbox.com, we are currently working with them to get the boxes up on our site, so stay tuned, we will be the first online retailer to sell the earthbox!!!

We will post alot more info on this subject soon, we just wanted to get the word out and let people know that their is a much easier way to grow with better results!

Email us at makeorganicsoil@gmail.com for more info.



Any experience with autopot systems with this soil? It sounds like a perfect fit for them!

MArk Wallach,

Its the past too


It is the future

Jim Blushi,

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