Elite Cover Crop Seed Mix

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Complex cover crop mixtures have become greatly sought-after, and there is a rationale behind this. Planting a deliberate mix of many cover crops can yield more than planting a single type. This blend has been tested and has impressive results. It features annuals, biennials, grasses, legumes, broadleafs, and varying root lengths, which imitates natural diversity and encourages expansive microbial colonies. Additionally, diverse mixes are beneficial because if the environmental conditions are not beneficial to some plants within the blend, the others can make up for them. This mix of organic seeds helps bolster mycorrhizae communities for adjacent money crops.

Contains: Field Peas, Rye, Barley, Oats, Mustard, Buckwheat.


Seed at 75#/acre or 1.5 lbs per 50 sq ft