Aragonite/Oyster Shell Flour

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Aragonite / Oyster shell (0-0-0-94 Ca) - A coral sea calcium that is high in calcium and low in magnesium.
97% calcium carbonate and calcium silicate combined 33%min - 40% available calcium.
Other minerals in aragonite: Fe203 .025%, Al203 0.15%, MgC03 1.50%, SO3 0.20%, NaCL 1.25%, Sr0 1.25%, Si02 0.88%
It is a wonderful calcium supplement and microbe food.
Also, it helps stimulate biological activity in your soil which can make other nutrients and minerals available to your plants.
Great addition to living organic soils.  
Very clean natural source of calcium.
This is a great replacement for Lime. 

Mix in 1-2 cups per cubic foot of soil as part of a complete nutrient and mineral program.