Horticultural Aloe Vera Gel Flakes 200x

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 Aloe can be used as a rooting compound, or as a surfactant-wetting agent.

Aloe contains many amazing properties that can boost plant health by creating a healthy immune system which can actually deter pests and diseases.

We suggest you use between 1 tps and 1 tbls of the flakes per 5 gallons of water in every other watering and every foliar spray (spraying on leaves).  


This is 100% pure organic aloe vera inner filet gel flakes 200x

They DO NOT clump up from moisture like the freeze dried powders.

These gel flakes are dried with the QMatrix technology surpassing any other quality on the market today.

Aloe is so very beneficial to plants as it is humans and should be used on a regular basis to enhance the health of your plants.

200x means that 1 gram of these flakes and 199 grams of water makes pure Aloe Vera juice.



"Aloecorp is the industry leader in producing quality Aloe vera raw material including gels, whole leaf, liquid concentrates and powders. Aloecorp is devoted to producing the highest quality Aloe products through the use of quality control parameters including various devices for analyzing chemical and physical characteristics, and in vitro assays for monitoring biological activity. Aloecorp is the only supplier with a full range of biological, chemical and medicinal R&D capabilities. Superior products deliver high quality with added benefits to the consumer ― and consumers expect a more effective and consistent product they can depend on time after time.

 Aloecorp has secured exclusive rights to the best technology available on the market today and likely for years to come for manufacturing Aloe. This means that no other supplier can produce aloe that meets Aloecorp’s new standards. Preliminary results indicate that Qmatrix®-processed material will have significantly higher nutritional content and tighter specifications for color, taste and smell."


Qmatrix® is a quantum leap in quality Aloe vera manufacturing. The Qmatrix® process is not a single step in the process or a single piece of manufacturing equipment, but is a synergy of scientifically developed processes designed to retain a higher degree of product freshness and biological activity than any other production method in use today. Freshness was a key goal in the development of the Qmatrix® process, but it had to be combined with the retention of biological activity. Only Aloecorp has the knowledge and resources necessary to conceive of, evaluate and complete such an extensive re-engineering of the Aloe manufacturing process. Aloe manufactured by the Qmatrix® process combines the following:
  • A patented method of polysaccharide preservation
  • A patented method of manufacturing Aloe vera
  • Proprietary Rapid High-Throughput Processes (RHTP)
  • A patented Low Temperature Short Time (LTST) drying process that has been proven to retain heat-sensitive nutritional and functional Aloe components.
The remarkable results of the new Qmatrix® process can be found in the unparalleled quality of these new Aloecorp Aloe vera raw material products.