Elite Starter Bundle

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Are you ready to take your plants to the next level and achieve top-notch, premium results with minimal effort? The Elite Starter Bundle is your answer! Whether you're a seasoned pro or first-time cultivator, The Soil Makers Elite Starter Bundle takes all the guesswork out of your grow!

This all-in-one kit features our Elite products that are designed to provide your plants with optimal conditions for growth.

Our Elite Living Soil is the heart of this bundle, providing nutrient-rich and well-balanced soil that supports healthy plant growth. With our Nutrient and Mineral kit and our own Myco Endomycorrhizal Blend, your plants will receive the ideal environment to thrive and flourish.

Also included, is our 5e9 probiotic soil inoculant, Soil Kashi and Horticultural aloe vera gel flakes, with these your plants will receive the perfect balance of microbes and enyzmes for optimal growth.

The bundle comes with a 10 gallon Grassroots Living Soil Fabric Pot that functions as a flexible and breathable container that maximizes root health.

Our EndGame Flowering Mix is the perfect finishing touch for an explosive bloom. Maximize your terpenes with this proprietary blend of organic nutrients.

And to complete the package, add the TSM Compost Tea Blend that puts beneficial microbes to work, resulting in luscious foliage, powerful growth and bountiful yields. 

 Experience the mastery of Elite and let us take your growth to new heights!

Kit includes;

(1) 1.5 cu ft bag Elite Living Soil

(1) 8 lb bag EndGame Flowering Mix

(1) 10 gl Grassroots Living Soil Pot

(1) 1 lb bag Endo Blend

(1) 4oz. 5e9 Soil Inouclant

(1) 1oz. Horticultural Aloe Vera Gel Flaks

(1) 1 lb bag TSM Soil Kashi

(1) 2 lb bag TSM Compost Tea Blend