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Signature Blends

Signature Blends


Our Signature Blends include:

Organic Living Soil Potting blend - for use in containers and raised bed gardens.  Fully loaded with our Nutrient and Mineral Blend.

Organic Living Soil Mixing blend - for use in outdoor gardens or making your own soil at home.  Fully loaded with our Nutrient and Mineral Blend.

Top-Dress Kit - for making sure your heavy feeding plants have enough nutrients and minerals to have amazing blooms, along with fruit and flower growth.

Organic Fungal Compost - Ramial wood chip compost. Enough said.

Organic Bacterial CompostThis compost is very affordable and is loaded with beneficial bacteria, fungi, nutrients and minerals.

TSM Worm Castings - These are our homemade worm castings produced with malaysian blue worms. They are fed a mix of grokashi, crab, kelp, fish, alfalfa, calphos,  aragonite and basalt to create some of the most nutrient dense, bacterial and fungal rich castings on the market today.

Nutrient + Mineral Blend - This is a 100% organic blend that has the perfect amount of nutrients and minerals to grow amazing plants. Water Only.

Re-Amending Soil Kit - This kit is for reamending old soil for another grow.  You just topdress the correct amount per container if running a no-till type grow, or mix the kit into the desired amount of soil and then replant.

TSM ENDO blend - This is our proprietary blend of mycorrhizael fungi.  We have spent over a year testing different blends of products, and decided to design our own with the most effecient fungi on the market today. We have one of the highest spore counts available and our spores are produced by the largest producer of myco fungi in the world today.

Compost Tea blend - for making the most amazing diverse compost teas.

TSM Soil-Kashi Great for inoculating soil, topdressing midseason and also for making amazing anaerobic tea for plants.


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