Composting Worms (european nightcrawlers and reds)

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 Are you a new worm farmer? Check out our red/euro mix to get your new worm bin going.  We suggest a mix of reds and euros as this is the most efficient mix for composting food scraps and other organic material in worm bins.

We also offer just redworms if that's exactly what your looking for.

These are bed run size which means they are taken directly from the worm farm and screened and sent to you.  These are not baby worms like some farms sell.

We sell them by the pound, for $50 each lb for a mix or just for reds.

 All order are shipped on Mondays from the previous week ending on Friday.

If you order over the weekend, a Saturday or Sunday, you order will not ship until the Monday of the next week. 

Thanks!! We appreciate the support!