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 PESCADERO GOLD Mustard Meal is a fertilizer made from crushed mustard seed. Farm Fuel began as a company with a mission to grow, produce and manufacture a sustainable fuel source. The oil extracted from the crushing process is used as a fuel in trucks and tractors in the Santa Cruz area. After years of research we have found that not only is the oil a successful source of fuel – but the meal is an extremely beneficial organic material and fertilizer for your soil.

This product is amazing for topdressing midseason, or before plants are about to bloom.


The Benefits Of PESCADERO GOLD Mustard Meal

  • Fertilizer (NPK 4.50-1.50-1.15)
  • NO pesticides used in production
  • Non-GMO seed
  • Great source of organic material in your garden
  • Easy to use and safe to handle, safe around pets and children
  • Suitable for organic gardens and farms
  • Learn more about our research program studying the effects of PESCADERO GOLD Mustard Meal Fertilizer

How To Apply:

  • In the garden apply 1 lb. per 45ft2
  • On the farm apply 1 ton/acre
  • Incorporate into the soil 3 weeks in advance for new starts and sprouting seeds