Kelp meal OG

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KELP MEAL contains Nitrogen and Potassium.  

Kelp Meal is full of trace Minerals, Carbohydrates and Amino Acids, which help create a strong root systems. It should be mixed in the soil before planting or can be top dressed. It will add organic matter to your soil and help it retain moisture.

Kelp grows in the cold waters along the New England coast, and is known to be the best marine plant available for Organic farming.

You can add it to compost or make a plant nutrient tea with it, or just add it to your living soil.

One of my go to amendments. A must have for organic gardening. Definitely one of my favorite products.

 1/41/2 cup per cubic foot of soil as part of a complete nutrient and mineral program.

Kelp Tea Recipe:

1/2 cup kelp meal

5 gallons water

Bubble with air pump, or stir for an hour. 

Then, dilute with 5 Gallons of water and foliar spray or water in. Do not store.