END-GAME Flowering mix

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This flowering mix is loaded with the nutrients and minerals needed for robust flower growth.   This mix is made from 10 certified organic amendments and is sprinkled onto the soil when your plant starts transitioning to the bloom phase. Push your plants to their max genetic potential and reap the benefits. 

Maximize your yield, potency and terpenes.

Directions for use:

1 cup per 10 gallons of soil, top-dress on the soil and scratch in.  Apply at transition to flower and again at the end of week 3.

Organic and Natural ingredients :

Fishbone Meal, Fertoz, Soil Kashi, Gypsum, Aragonite, Insect Frass, Kelp Meal, K-mag Granular, Crab/lobster shell Chunks, Basalt Micro-fines