Grassroots Living Soil Beds

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When compared to their wood counterparts, fabric raised beds are easier to assemble, more affordable, and with less risk of rot, mold, or pest infestation. But if the growing conditions aren’t quite right, traditional fabric growing containers pose their own challenges. Traditional fabric beds drain and dry from all sides. This can cause uneven drainage and dry pockets. It may also require more frequent watering. Grassroots offers an innovative approach to fabric beds that not only improves drainage and aeration, but also supports the soil food web so that plants can grow to their fullest potential. Grassroots Living Soil Fabric Beds feature a waterproof liner and bottom aeration strip. This fosters the optimal environment to cultivate microbes essential for living soil, and creates healthier, more productive plants.

Unlike other fabric beds on the market, Grassroots fabric beds are reinforced with PVC pipe for durability that matches that of wooden raised beds. Plus, you can choose to add a trellis to your Grassroots fabric bed with PVC trellis fittings.

PVC corners are included as shown in picture

****Please note PVC pipe sides and legs are not included****