Barley Seed OG

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This Organic Barley seed is for making Seed Sprouted Teas (SST), or as a cover crop

Organic Barley Seed Sprouted Teas have TONS of great enzymes that help contribute to a healthier living soil and phenomenal plant growth.


Here is a recipe for you to try at home:

You take 1 ounce of seeds, and sprout them, or you can put then in a glass of water for 8 hours, then remove from water and toss them in a bucket and cover. 

During the next 24- 36 hours keep an eye on them, and as soon as the tails are as long as the seed, then you put that seed, mixed with 2 cups water in your blender and blend well.

You can add that blended solution to a 5 gallon bucket of water. This must be used immediately and not stored for later.

That solution is ready to apply!

I have been using this recipe for years with great success, this is a cheap way to make your own effective enzyme solution at home!