N-DURE Cover Crop Seed Innoculant

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N-Dure Premium Alfalfa/True Clover Inoculant - 6 oz. N-Dure Premium Alfalfa/True Clover Combination InoculantOMRI Listed for organic use. N-Dure is one of the most economical products on the marker for obtaining nitrogen fixation. Packaged as a pre-mixed, humus-based product, N-Dures high potency can yield results in a wide range of conditions. However, its use is not recommended on first-year ground. Although no special equipment is needed for application, best results occur when N-Dure is mixed with a small amount of water to aid in seed adhesion and applied at the time of planting. Works with any type of planting equipment Maintains a high rhizobia count to ensure successful nodulation Packaged in multiple sizes to accommodate any size producer Treats 50 pounds of seed Dampen the seed with non-chlorinated, clean, cool water at a rate of 8.5 oz. of water per 50 lbs. Allow 1-3 minutes for mixture to dry and then plant as soon as possible. N-Dure can also be applied directly onto the seed. Mix seed and inoculant thoroughly until seed is uniformly coated. Layering seed and inoculant will aid in this process. Applying the inoculant dry is also recommended for seed that is pre-treated with fungicide. This inoculant guarantees a minimum of 200 million viable cells per gram of stated culture