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Greensand (also known as glauconite) forms in marine environments rich in organic material and low in sedimentary inputs and oxygen. Greensand is found all over the world. Some deposits, such as those in New Jersey, contain marine fossils. The greenish colour is the result of the glauconite and iron-potassium silicate breaking down and releasing the stored minerals.

Greensand can absorb 10 times more moisture than sand, making it an exceptional soil conditioner for pastures, forage fields, lawns, orchards, small fruits, vegetables and greenhouse potting mixes. Greensand may also benefit soil and crops by mineralization (the gradual release of nutrients into the soil) to balance the minerals available to plants. Studies show that mineralizing soil can improve its overall health and the taste, colour, nutritional value and the health of plants. Mineralization also increases the population of certain bacteria that dissolve insoluble mineral nutrients. Those bacteria eventually become organic matter that increases the population of other beneficial microorganisms.

Greensand contains potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus and as many as 30 other trace minerals.


Greensand flows like sand and can be applied using any type of spreader, seeder or drill.

  • Opens up tight soils and binds loose soils.
  • Does not harbour weeds, burn plants or dissolve in water.
  • Improves the growth and hardiness of plants.
  • Prolongs the bloom of flowers and foliage plants.
  • Does not harm insects, pets or people.

Directions for Use

Greensand has the consistency of sand and is extremely heavy. It can hold one third its weight in water.

Field Crops:

  • Apply 300-500 lb/acre or 336-560 kg/ ha.

Lawns and Gardens:

  • Apply 2-5 lb/sq. ft. or 10-25 kg/m2.


  • Apply 300-500 lb/acre or 336-560 kg/ ha.


  • Apply 1 lb or 0.45 kg for each inch or 1.5 cm of trunk diameter, or 1 lb or 0.45 kg for each foot of drip line.
  • Spread to edge of drip line or add to mulch.


  • Apply 2-5 lb/sq. ft. or 10-25 kg/m2 directly in rows.
  • Add to compost either at the beginning of the cycle or blended at the time of application.
  • Apply throughout the year.